Alive! Coaching - Six months in

Nicola Taylor talks about her experience of delivering a new type of training for Alive!

I have been facilitating the new Alive! Coaching Programme in 6 care homes in Bristol over the last 6 months. This approach to training is completely new to Alive! and it has been truly amazing to see the positive impact that it is already having.

The training that we previously offered was a single day where staff would come along, have the training and leave inspired and full of ideas. The new Coaching Programme is very different, much more bespoke and run over 10 weeks, actually in the care home, coaching 4 members of staff and working alongside the residents. We are able to tailor the coaching sessions to the needs of the care home and the people who live and work in it. 

What has been so wonderful is seeing the impact that we are making on the wellbeing and quality of life of the residents. Furthermore, staff in the homes who are not part of the Coaching Programme are seeing the positive impact themselves, and also becoming inspired to be more proactive in activities and positive engagement for the residents. Gradually, we are working towards changing the culture of care, and putting activity at the heart of the home. 

A phenomenal impact

In one of the homes I have been coaching in Bristol, the impact has been phenomenal. The team have been so inspired by the coaching, and I have noticed real tangible changes that they have made to improve the quality of life of the residents. After I showed them how to use Memory Boxes, the team have made their own. Also, they have begun filling the home with 'stuff' - interesting objects, for the residents and staff to use together that will spark conversations.

I did some coaching with the team around exploring life stories using iPads. Now all of the residents in the home have a life story picture collage on display in the home, allowing everyone to get to know them that much better. The head of the organisation has now agreed to purchase the home an iPad of their own, as a direct result of the coaching. Previously they had been told they couldn’t have one. 

Empowered staff

In all of the homes I have been coaching, it has been amazing to see the staff feeling inspired and empowered in providing activities, and it has been very rewarding to see their confidence grow week by week.  It has been so wonderful to see them putting their new skills into practice, and even better to see the residents enjoying the results of this.